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Headaches these days are common among children and it leaves the parents worried. A normal headache could have its root causes based in meningitis, brain neoplasms and intracranial hemorrhage. Hence, a lot of children these days undergo neuro Imaging. The recent results and reports say that in majority cases the reports are normal, however, it leaves them with maximum exposure to radiations and unnecessary sedations. There are various tools on which the scientists and researchers are working on today in order to review the accuracy and role of neuroimaging and also to manage pediatric diagnosis. So what’s the best and proven methods for diagnosis? Even today, it’s MRI’s and CT’s! It may still lead to children feeling the anxiety and being claustrophobic under the magnet during the process. Hence they need sedation to keep them still. There are a number of accessories that helps the children feel comfortable and safe during a scan and can avoid the use of sedation.


 This is an adapted article. To read more on this study, visit research article. The picture is from an online stock photo.


There are number of accessories that  take care of the children’s needs during a MRI scan and these are top  MRI accessories that every imaging center/ facility or a MRI room should have :

MRI Stereo: Our pneumatic MRI stereo system not only allows communication between the technologist and patient during the exam, but also plays music for patient comfort and enjoyment. Relaxation plays a vital role in providing successful imaging, and this MRI Stereo System can greatly calm a patient's nerves and avoids the need for sedation. Learn more at


MRI Visors: We have the industry’s first battery operated movie goggles for use in MRI’s with fields up to 3T. Our MRI Visors mimics the relaxing, immersive experience of a movie theater, focusing a patient’s attention away from the noise environment and allowing them to relax during the MRI scan. Have more questions? Give us a call at (866) 530-7850 and we will be happy to assist you.. Give us a call at (866) 530-7850 and we will be happy to assist you.


Samm Systems: Our Best Seller seller product is SAMM systems. It is a revolutionary MRI camera system which will allow you to conveniently monitor your patients while they are inside the magnet. While the camera can be mounted just about anywhere in the magnet room, the live feed from the MRI video camera system is sent to a high resolution LCD monitor which directly delivers to you excellent quality videos making monitoring far more easier and spotless. Find out more at About - Samm Systems.


Samm MD: Our newest innovation is SAMM-MD - a CCTV   for your MRI rooms that detects motion. So what does the Samm MD bring to the MRI room? It has enhanced features like touch screen monitor, motion detection software and HD camera. Check out more at


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