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You might need to have good people skills to effectively run your imaging center according to a new study. 

The Journal of American College of Radiology released a study that showcased the efficacy of trained communication skills. To see if these communication skill trainings were useful, the team compared sites that were trained and sites that were not.

The overall results showed a noticeable difference between the with the sites with communication skills training and those without. Using over 20,000 scans in the span of six months, the sites without communication training showed decreased equipment usage, decreased no-show rates, and decreased patient satisfaction.

So what does all of this data mean? It means there is tangible value in improving the patient experience.   

As professionals, our goal is to always put the patient first, whether that be with effective communication skills or making the MRI scan less scary. 

At Sound Imaging, we do this by ensuring safety and patient satisfaction with our line of MRI Accessories. Put patients at ease with the MRI Stereo, the two-way communication and MRI music system. Make the MRI comfortable with MRI Visors, the portable MRI video google system. 

This is an adapted article, to read this study, visit this JACR article. Picture is from this stock photo

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