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mri study zika virusSome of you may have heard about the Zika virus. Put simply, it is a virus that is transferred by infected mosquitoes. While not usually deadly, if a pregnant woman if infected, it can cause severe fetal abnormalities, like microcephaly, that can lead to brain defects. 

Fortunately, a new MRI study is analyzing these pregnant women who have the Zika virus. Out of the 48 wombs scanned, 3 had abnormalities. This made researchers then question, have the other 45 babies developed an immunity? In addition, can a vaccine be created from these results? Tests are still preliminary, but there looks to be progress coming soon. Read the full story 

At Sound Imaging, we are happy to see how MRI scans help us understand and better develop healthcare. While we are not studying new vaccines, we do research how to make the best MRI devices in the market. With our low costs and high quality, we create the most cost effective and satisfactory MRI devices, like our MRI Visors and MRI Stereo

This is an adapted article, and to learn more, please this news story. Picture from this stock photo

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