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Researchers in China conducted a study where brain neural systems between children suffering from PTSD and children who did not were compared. They found significant differences between the neural pathways between the two groups.

While most know of PTSD when it occurs to adults, the disorder is even more so damaging for children. PTSD can cause long lasting effects with hormones and neurochemicals within the body. Fortunately, with better understanding, there is better treatment. 

For this study, the both groups were Chinese children, but half of the volunteers were children who experienced the 2008 Sichuan earthquake that devastated hundreds of thousands of families. The technique used for scanning is diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), an MRI that measures the integrity of white matter inside the brain. The results showed significant differences between the two groups.

The children with PTSD experienced a decrease in network efficiency in white matter of the brain, which was caused by the damage or disconnections between the regions. They also experienced slower connections between certain parts of the brain, as compared to children who did not have PTSD.

This opens up a new world of possibilities for all who have suffered from PTSD. While talk therapy is the most widely used method, this research allows for us to understand how neural connections play a role in PTSD.

At Sound Imaging, we are glad to see how MRIs are improving lives across the world. To help with your research or patient care, we offer a number of systems, coils, parts, and repairs for all things MRI. In this case where children were volunteers, we also provide patient comfort accessories, like our MRI Stereo and our CCTV, SAMM M.D. to help children feel at ease in the MRI Suite. 

If you would like to read more about this research, please visit this link. This is an adapted article and picture is from this source

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