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This is a continuation of our series about how to start a MRI facility. This blog post will show you all the steps you need to know from once your MRI has arrived on site to when you can start seeing patients. Learn more below!

1. This step is not so much a step as it is a reminder. As mentioned in our last post, it is crucial to work with experts that are efficient and on-time! If you have hired the best, then these next steps ought to go smoothly. 

2. Your MRI machine will arrive on-site in a tractor bed, and will likely have a few movers assisting you with the removal of the machine. This will require a rigger and a confident engineer to oversee the operation. 

3. You will need contractors on-site to finalize their projects before the MRI machine is placed. This is also the last time to check your RF Shielding before the walls are put up! 

4. You will then need an electrician and HVAC contractor to hook up the chiller and power to the machine. 

5. The engineer will attach the coldhead to the chiller and power supply to minimize helium loss.

6. Installation begins! This includes a number of steps that need a blog post of their own, but it goes along the lines of connecting cables, securing the magnet, and assembling covers. 

7. Now to fill the helium and power the machine on. This step is extra important in terms of safety. There can be NO magnetic objects nearby the machine at this point. Otherwise it can cause harm to the machine or any nearby workers. 

8. The magnet will then be “ramped”. This process involves gradually applying an electric current to the magnet. Ramping safely allows the magnetic field to stabilize. 

9. Once the system has a magnetic field the engineer will proceed with “shimming”. This makes the magnetic field symmetrical as it interacts with any other distant metal objects, like the metal structure of the room.

10. The system will then be calibrated to ensure it is producing at least standard quality images. 

11. Once the system installation is completed and it is confirmed fully functional, system handover will take place. This includes a system demonstration of use, power up/shutdown procedures, instructions on how to monitor the helium percentage, handling any alarms on the system, and demonstration of image quality.

12. Congratulations your MRI Suite is now functional!

This is an adapted article and picture is sourced here. If you have any questions about this process, or want excellent service with your MRI installation, Contact Us. We offer MRI installations and installations for several of our other products, such as SAMM M.D. and MRI Stereo. We know this is a lengthy process, so we are here to assist you. 

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