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MRI Accessories

Increase Safety and Patient Comfort With Our MRI Accessories

Sound Imaging Inc. is a leading MRI Accessory supplier, showcasing many MRI accessories your imaging center needs. These MRI accessories allow patients to relax during an MRI by listening to the music of their choice. Your radiologists can rest easily with a patient observation system that allows them to monitor the MRI patient while inside the magnet. Our turn-key designs make it simple for your engineer to follow our easy installation guides, and you are always welcome to choose a Sound Imaging Inc. engineer to install your new MRI accessory.


mri comfort, mri safety

An MRI is a quick and harmless procedure, yet for many patients, getting an MRI seems scary and intimidating. Equipping your system with the most up to date and comforting MRI accessories from Sound Imaging Inc. will make a world of difference in your patient’s experience. Feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia are not uncommon during an MRI. After all, laying on a movable table that slides into a loud, complicated machine can be nerve racking. Equally unsettling is knowing your MRI can last up to an hour OR MORE. You become bored and restless after attempting to stay still for a perfect image. Radiologists get frustrated with hazy images, resulting in patients having to go through multiple MRI scans to get better resolution. This continuous circle is discouraging and unnerving for both doctors and patients, however very exceedingly simple to accommodate.

Sound Imaging Inc. offers a variety of MRI Accessories to make things easier for both radiologists and their patients.

For more imaging equipment, check out the list of MRI Parts we have in stock for immediate shipment, including ACGD (SGA) Gradient Amplifier GE Part 2270055 , GE Chiller CFT-150 (Neslab), Body Quadrature T/R Switch & Hybrid and 46-264988g1

We also have many coils in stock for immediate shipment, including a body coil, brain coil, flex coil, foot coil, gradient coil, mri knee coil, phased array coil, rf coil, shoulder coil, and an invivo coil.

We have many different MRI coils in stock, including 8 Ch Brain Coil 2317112-2, 8 Ch Body Coil 2377425-2, 8 Ch Neurovascular Coil M64NVA8 and 8 Ch Neurovascular Coil and many more MRI coils.

We also provide mri service and we also have mobile MRIs for sale.

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