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MRI Accessories

MRI Patient Bore View Camera System / TESTED

Category: Accessories
Producer: SAMM M.D.

Part number: N/A

All parts are tested on MRI Systems. 

The Safety & Movement Monitoring System (SAMM System) is a revolutionary MRI camera system which allows a technologist to easily monitor the MRI patient while inside the magnet. Our patient monitoring system utilizes one or more HD video cameras, which can be mounted on any wall in the magnet room. The entire patient observation system is RF shielded and filtered to remove any unwanted image artifacts. The live feed from the MRI video camera system is then sent to a high resolution LCD monitor inside the operator room which delivers excellent video every time. For additional information: 267-666-0633. Features: RF Shielded Camera w. Varifocal Lens RF Shielded Signal and Power Cables 19? LCD HD Ready Monitor Penetration Panel BNC Filters 12VDC Power Supplies Non-Ferrous Camera Wall-Mount EZ-Install Instruction Guide Specifications: MRI VIDEO CAMERA Image Device ? SI 1/3? Hi-Res Pic Elements ? NTSC: 768x494 Focal Length ? f 9.0~22.0mm Aperture Ratio ? F2.0~360 Video Output ? 1Vp-p / 75 ohms MRI VIDEO MONITOR Screen Size ? HD 19? LCD Aspect Ratio ? 16:9 Resolution ? 1,440 x 900 Contrast Ratio ? 800:1 OPTIONS & ACCESSORIES: Live Video Recording Dual Monitors Add Up to 6 Video Cameras Custom Systems Other Modalities Multiple Mounting Options Models:1.5T Single SAMM, Model # SI-SAMM15 -1 - Listed Price 1.5T Dual SAMM, Model # SI-SAMM15 -2 - Contact for Price 3.0T Single SAMM, Model # SI-SAMM30 -1 - Contact for Price 3.0T Dual SAMM, Model # SI-SAMM30 -2 - Contact for Price

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