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Save Time And Money With Repairs

Learn About Sound Imaging's Repairs

Sound Imaging repairs MRI parts and MRI coils from many manufacturers. Sound Imaging’s repair services include but are not limited to GE, Siemens, Philips as well as Hitachi and Toshiba repair services. Every repaired MRI coil is cleaned, painted and repaired to a "like-new" appearance as well as tested to within OEM specification after the MRI coil has been repaired. Sound Imaging also offers loaner MRI coils during the MRI coil repairing process. Nobody in the industry can come close to our prices & quality of service.

Sound Imaging also diagnoses and repairs circuit boards and assemblies related to MRI, CT, PET, PET/CT, Mammo boards as well as ultra sounds. We will repair SSM boards, RF boards, and CTVRC Modules. We will meet or beat any and all competitor pricing for repair.

If you feel like you are paying too much for new MRI coils, you can save money by purchasing repaired and refurbished MRI coils from Sound Imaging. Our extensive coil repair department has specialized in diagnosing, repairing, testing and full refurbishing of your coils in a timely manner.

Looking For Other Services?

Sound Imaging also offers MRI Maintenance and Service Contracts, Refurbishing and Upgrades, Installations and De-installations, Mobile Leasing, and many other services. To request a specific part or service, click here


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Since 1999, Sound Imaging Inc. has been a leading MRI parts dealer, servicing imaging centers all over the nation. Read more about what Sound Imaging can do for you here +

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