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Sound Imaging offers you diagnostic MRI imaging solutions. Your one stop provider for all your MRI parts needs. We partner with the country's best hospitals and imaging centers to deliver secure tested, GE-Serviced systems direct from the seller. Our customers can save up to 60% off OEM prices.

We offer:

Mobile MRI Scanners.

MRI Coils and MRI Parts.

MRI Equipment Repair and Refurbishing.

MRI Sound System.

SAMM System.

MRI Service Contracts and PMs.

MRI Upgrade and Installation.

MRI Maintenance

MRI Audio System.

MRI Parts Repair

MRI Coil Repair

MRI Repair

MRI Stereo

Magnet Rigging and MRI Deinstallation.

Avoid misleading trade-in offers from OEM manufacturers. Sell direct to Sound Imaging. We'll buy your MRI system in full and upfront.

Sound Imaging specializes in MRI parts, MRI coils, MRI service and MRI accessories for both mobile MRI and fixed sites.

We have a strong network of hospitals and imaging centers nationwide, allowing us to promptly secure tested, GE serviced systems direct from the seller. The savings is passed to our customers, often up to 60% off OEM prices.

Our experienced engineers arrive to your imaging facility and completely handle all the de-installation logistics.

Sound Imaging strives to become your diagnostic imaging partner. We have built many strong relationships by earning the trust of our customers by delivering what we promise.



We also sell all of the most popular parts and supplies for MRI scanners, including ACGD (SGA) Gradient Amplifier GE Part 2270055 , GE Chiller Ethylene Glycol cb-3565, GE MRI Hybrid Splitter, SCIM keyboard 2289697-2, 1.0T Head T/R 46-321336g1 and 1.5T Head T/R 46-264988g1.


Sound Imaging offers custom MRI service contracts to each of our customers. We provide full or limited MRI services, parts support and preventative maintenance for GE MRI systems, including MRI services on the weekend.

MRI Service contracts from Sound Imaging.Full MRI Service includes:
• 24/7 remote phone support.
   - 7 days a week
• MRI services.
   - 7 days a week, 8am to 10pm
• Parts support.
   - 7 days a week, 7am to 6pm

Terms of Parts support:
• 40% off OEM list price or better.
• Cryogen at a fixed rate of $7/liter.
• On-site or remote installation & repair support.

Preventative MRI Maintenance:
• Clean/check Op. Workspace Fans, Intakes, Monitor and Mouse
• Check and Record Cryogen Levels
• Record Compressor Run Time and Pressure
• Record Shield Temp. Voltage
• Perform LV Gradient Shim
• Perform Head SNR
• Check and Adjust RF Power Output
• Check Gradient Calibration
• Check Oxygen Monitor Operation
• Check Trolly Assembly, Table Drive Clutch Set Screws
• Check PDU Indicator Lamps and Connections
• Check Blower Filter, Chiller Fluid Level and Valve
• Rotational Surface Coil Test

Limited MRI Services from Sound Imaging would include any custom MRI service agreement you feel best fits the needs of your Imaging Center. We have found in the past our customers need flexibility in the terms of MRI service contract and for this reason, we provide the most cost-effective MRI service solutions.

Sound Imaging is a leading MRI serice provider and MRI service center. We provide mobile MRI service, fixed MRI service, GE MRI Service, open MRI service, and closed MRI service as well as servicing GE mobile MRI units. 

We offer many MRI services including an MRI service contract for MRI mobile units. We can even send out an MRI field service engineer to provide service for a GE mobile MRI scanner. We also provide MRI service on Saturday and MRI service on Sunday. Contact us today to find out the price of our mobile MRI services. 


New & Used MRI Coils

New & Used MRI Coils. All of our GE MRI Coils undergo General Electric system diagnostics and calibrations that meet or exceed OEM specifications. We also provide live or phone installation support for each MRI coil we sell. We have mri body coils, mri head coils, mri brain coils, mri breast coils,mri spine coils, mri knee coils, mri neck coils, mri shoulder coils, mri endorectal coils, mri extremity coils, mri vascular coils, mri surface coils, mri torso coils, mri wrist coils, mri neurovascular coils, mri cardiac coils, mri abdominal coils, mri pelvic coils, mri ctl coils, mri gp flex coils, mri gradient coils, mri phased array coils, and many others. We also sell USA Instruments MRI Coils. "The CTL coil we bought looked brand new, I couldn't believe it was pre-owned!" -Paul Morgan, Site Engineer

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MRI Refurbishing

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Mobile MRI Rental

Provide MRI service to more patients, eliminate backlog and increase referred business with a full-time mobile MRI rentalfrom Sound Imaging. We have several different programs designed to help youlease a mobile MRI or get an MRI for saleto build business for your diagnostic imaging center. We lease MRI trailers like GE Signa AdvantageGE Signa Excite and GE Signa Horizon. You can also rent a mobile CT scanner or a mobile PET CT scanner from us.

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